Day 46 (I think!)

Day 22 was a nightmare. On the Ashton Canal lots of locks in a dodgy area of Manchester where the locals use the canal a rubbish dump and the kids aiuse themselves in the evenings by draining the pounds. At some point while I was out of the boat fighting a lock or running water into a pound some ****** got into the boat and stole my laptop. Hence no blog since day 22.

So how am I doing this? At home, but the boat isn’t. On July 13th an EA notice warned that Wadenhoe lock on the Nene was closed due to mechanical failure, but I was days away then and hoped it would be fixed. It isn’t. There aren’t many moorings on the Nene so I decided I might as well carry on to Wadenhoe and moor there if the lock was still broken. It is. The issue is the gear system that operates the guillotine on the bottom of the lock. Originally they were hand wound and then later an electric drive attached to the spindle. Unfortunately bit that’s broken is the old part so they can’t even re-instate a hand operated system as they have at other locks when the electric bit breaks. And of course the broken part is ancient and obsolete so they have to get a part made to fix it. That should be happening now but the fitters don’t work weekends so the earliest it’ll be repaired is Monday, assuming the new parts fit and everything goes as planned. I left a note on the boat asking EA to call me when it’s repaired and Linda picked up yesterday.

To be continued…

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