Day 1

Well, here we go then. Left Kelpie about 09.30 and nothing much to report. Quite a few boats out including loads of canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. Plenty of rubber dingies and little day boats scudding about. At one lock, I forget which, there was a woman in a little boat with 5 kids from about … Read more »

Lockdown 2

I don’t promise to write every day, we’re on day 3 already, but here goes. Wednesday, Lockdown -1 we had dinner at Sarah’s, probably the last well see of them this month, maybe the next one too. Thursday; it begins. I’ve decided, at least until I get stopped by the Police, that driving solo to … Read more »


I haven’t posted for a (long) while but many (OK, two) people have asked how the greenhouse roof will fit so here’s an update. Our downsized house has a small garden, made even smaller by a previous owner extending the house. For serious gardening Linda has an allotment but she wanted a greenhouse at home … Read more »