New Doors (5)

Final touch to the doors, fitted bolts top and bottom and a handle to pull them shut. The handle is an old brass antique from the depths of my shed. Some of the stuff in there came from my father’s shed (and some of that from his father’s) and some from my father-in-law’s garage (and … Read more »

New Doors (4)

As promised here’s a (not very good) close-up of a cabin hook that latches into the bottom of the hatch/topbox. There’s another on the other side. The ‘staple’ part of the hook is fitted into the base of the box from above leaving the base of the box smooth. The hook goes into the slot. … Read more »

Stern Door (1)

I’ve removed the old ‘bi-fold’ door and hacked out the roof hatch. The port side panel is original GRP, the starboard would have been the same with a small central door and a higher threshold to keep the weather out. A previous owner had paneled inside and out with 10mm ply screwed through. The screws … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (11)

Finally fixed the aluminium to the frame this morning. Used up some old silicone sealant left over from various previous jobs and stainless steel screws from my favourite boat chandlers (Ebay). I haven’t weighed the roof but judging by the difficulty I had lifting the old one off and putting the new one on I’d … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (9)

I collected my aluminium sheets on Wednesday (April 28) and have been working on them since. I’ve glued the first part of a two piece joint strip to the central stringer and as you can see here clamped the edge of the aluminium to it. Then I drilled a row of holes (150mm spacing) along … Read more »