Cockpit Roof (4)

Outboard of the main roof beam are a couple of extension pieces joined by aluminium strips inside and out. The first iteration had GRP cut out to fit around the hand rail but just like the original roof it cracked. Bottom right you can see another roller fitted to the outer section of the beam. … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (3)

Over the winter lockdown I kept redesigning the roof in my head. Because the cabin roof is curved and the top of the windscreen curved (though not the same curve that’d be too simple) it would look weird if the cockpit roof was flat. But if it’s curved you can’t hinge it across the middle … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (2)

For quick exits to deal with locks I don’t need to open the roof right back so the original idea was to make it in two parts with a hinge right across the middle under a neoprene strip. That wouldn’t work though unless the middle of the roof was supported on something, otherwise it’s just … Read more »

Cockpit Roof (1)

I last posted something on here in December, with a comment about doing a bit of wood work. What I was actually doing was making new side windows for Seren’s cockpit. But then we were banned from visiting boatyards and the weather turned cold and wet so nothing much happened for months. So before I … Read more »

Seren 2019

Over the winter 2018-19 I’ve done a lot more work on Seren, fitting new propshaft bearings and couplings, replacing the rear deck, finishing the WC/Shower, installing a proper hot water system and recycling a daughter’s old kitchen units. There was a plan to take Seren out of the water in the spring for a thorough … Read more »