Engine Problem

A couple of years ago I checked the diesel fuel filter and water trap and then had enormous trouble getting air out of the fuel system to get the thing running again. This time I thought I’d done it right. Turned off the fuel tap before removing trap and filter, and refilled both with diesel … Read more »

New Doors (5)

Final touch to the doors, fitted bolts top and bottom and a handle to pull them shut. The handle is an old brass antique from the depths of my shed. Some of the stuff in there came from my father’s shed (and some of that from his father’s) and some from my father-in-law’s garage (and … Read more »

New Doors (4)

As promised here’s a (not very good) close-up of a cabin hook that latches into the bottom of the hatch/topbox. There’s another on the other side. The ‘staple’ part of the hook is fitted into the base of the box from above leaving the base of the box smooth. The hook goes into the slot. … Read more »

1st Outing

Well, first outing on Seren yesterday (6th April). Took #1 granddaughter to The Anchor at Great Barford. She hasn’t been on the boat for obvious reasons for a couple of years and it was her 11th birthday the day before so it was a sort-of birthday treat. Just two locks (Roxton and Gt. Barford) and … Read more »