1st Outing

Well, first outing on Seren yesterday (6th April). Took #1 granddaughter to The Anchor at Great Barford. She hasn’t been on the boat for obvious reasons for a couple of years and it was her 11th birthday the day before so it was a sort-of birthday treat. Just two locks (Roxton and Gt. Barford) and a few miles each way from Kelpie, but enough to work up an appetite. Lunch was a bit dull but nice to be out.

Very windy and quite a strong current which makes steering interesting. M had several goes at the helm but she gets bored quickly. She’s keen to help at locks too but was disappointed that most of the gates are too heavy and stiff for her. I don’t suppose they’ve had much use or or maintenance since 2020.

Seren performed OK though it’s a bit spartan with a tarp over the back where the new doors and hatch will be. Must get back out in the shed and get on with them.

I’ve set up Phonetrack once again on my home server and switched that on before I went to collect her so the trace shows me going Potton – Stotfold – Kelpie as well as the actual river trip. You can set the app to report as often as you want but each report uses a few milliwatts and at river/canal speed there’s no point reporting too often as you don’t move far in a minute. Consequently the trace when I was in the car is mostly straight lines down the A1 at 70mph but gives much more detail on the river. Works well. See link on top post or: Click Here to see yesterday’s trace.

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